Mix & Match

One of my favorite ways to style my outfits lately is to mix & match different prints and patterns.  Mixing and matching prints can seem a bit scary at first because your not sure if what you are thinking about putting together will even look cute!  We also don’t want to look like a walking fruit salad.  I’ve thought about a few tips to share with you guys on mixing and matching prints for a killer outfit, and you can take this style as far as you’d like! 

My first and pretty obvious tip is to just try it on!  You may think it’s too much color, or way too busy, but you will never really know how it looks until you put it on and look in the mirror.  Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised at how different pieces do in fact work together. 

My second tip is to always add some solid pieces to break up the pattern whether it be an article of clothing or your accessories.  My style tends to be a bit simpler, so I usually stick to two prints, but you most certainly can go further than that.   If you are just beginning to experiment with mixing and matching patterns, my advice is to start with stripes because they pretty much go with anything, or neutral colors!   

Lastly, when I’m thinking about mixing and matching prints, I try to think about what colors work well together and go from there, not necessarily trying to figure out what prints in my wardrobe will match.  It’s most important to just express your style and wear what works for you.  Ultimately, what you like, you will feel great in! 

The skirt I'm wearing is an older style and the booties are unfortunately sold out, so I've linked similar options along with the top I'm wearing and my burgundy shoulder bag.  Happy mixing and matching!