Makeup Organization Ideas

I’ll admit it, when it comes to beauty and skincare products, I tend to be a bit of a hoarder and my storage starts looking horrific as my collection continues to grow.  But lately, with life getting to be so hectic, I am realizing that keeping some kind of makeup organization makes my day to day routine just a little bit easier.  I decided to do a major cleanup and revamp of my collection, and get rid of anything that was old or I knew I really didn’t need. After a few teary eyed goodbyes, I was left with my necessities and a feeling of accomplishment.

My main makeup organizer is from the Original Beauty Box, it is a pricier option, but a great investment. The beauty box provides an ideal amount of space to keep all of your  makeup essentials, it features four drawers and dividers that allow you to separate by product. The clear Lucite material adds a cute design element and makes it easy to find what you are looking for.


I store my lip products in an acrylic tray with dividers, it is large enough to store my collection and makes it easier to sort all of my lipsticks so they never go neglected.

I always have so many mason jars lying around the house and thought they would work great for my brush holder. They are perfect because they are large enough to hold several of my bulkier sized brushes. Another great option is to clean out old candle holders, they will add a pretty decorative touch to your room.  

Most of the time, palettes are large and bulky and hard to store. Since I am working with a small space on my dresser top, I thought it would be fun to keep them out on display, sandwiched between two elephant book ends I scored from Home Goods.  For another option, use a desk file organizer, similar to this one here